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Tymex Plastics, Inc.
5300 Harvard Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
Phone: (216) 429-8950 • Fax: (216) 429-8951

 Grinding, Compounding, Pulverizing, Baling, Reclaim

Toll Processing & Warehousing


A Full-Service Plastic Recycling Center.

A Weatherhead 100 Company

The class of 2006 awards Tymex Plastics 5th place!

Issue Date: December 2006, Posted On: 11/27/2006; Inside Business Magazine


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Eric Yarabenetz, director of sales, Mark Simonitis, vice president and Michael Turkovich, president of the Cuyahoga Heights-based company, began making sales calls out of their homes in January 2001. Piece by piece and sale by sale the company began to grow. From 2004 to 2005, Tymex Plastics saw an 89 percent sales growth. During that same time period, employee levels grew from 16 to 28 workers. And from 2001 to 2005, Tymex has seen a 1,456 percent sales growth and a 367 percent employee growth.

Tymex solicits manufacturers of plastic products to turn their post production scrap into various forms of reusable plastic. One of the unique aspects of Tymex is that it provides trailers, gaylords and skids for the companies to use to dispose of their scrap.

The recipe for success was simple, even if the work that went into it wasn’t.
“We each have something unique to bring to the table,” says Turkovich, president of the company. “Being a smaller company we can make decisions quickly. Executing a plan does not take an act of congress. We’re nimble and can make changes on the fly. It might not be the most logical step to take, but we don’t know that until we try.”


  • Compounding
    Tymex Plastics utilizes state-of-the-art extrusion, blending, pelletizing, and classifying components to custom compound various polyolefin and styrenic based polymers. With our process capabilities we can toll blend and extrude powders, pellets, and regrind to our customers' specifications.

  • Grinding
    We use various sized grinders, granulators, and shredders to downsize large parts and purgings. In-line metal detectors and magnets are used in conjunction with a negative air pressure transfer system and bag house to produce regrind that is free of metal contamination and heavy fines.
  • Pulverizing
    To meet the requirements of the rotational molding industry, we provide pulverizing services through our multiple pulverizing systems capable of over 3,000#/hr.    
  •  Brokerage
    Our ever growing presence in the marketplace is enabling us to become a large purchaser and reseller of all grades of polymers in various forms. We have the ability to set-up purchasing programs for your scrap, overages, and clean-outs. We have many programs in place that allow us to have consistent feedstocks.
  • Transportation and Logistics
    With a contracted fleet of trucks and trailers Tymex Plastics has the ability to spot trailers, provide skids and gaylords upon request, and maintain quick response time for our customers and vendors.
  • Material Testing
    Our in-house laboratory, as well as off-site testing facilities help to insure proper material specifications such as melt, durometer, izod, impact, particle size, ash, and bulk density.

A Full-Service Plastic Recycling Center

Contact us in Cleveland, Ohio, for cost saving thermoplastic recycling
programs and process services for plastic product manufacturers.
Sales and Service Hours of Operation:
Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Plant Operates 24 Hours a Day

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